The Impact of Brexit on the EU and the UK


15 November 2021, Istanbul 29 Mayıs University, Zoom Webinar

The Impact of Brexit on the EU and the UK

Dr. Alexandra Hennnessy, University of Essex

Prof. Rob Johns, University of Essex

Moderator: Prof. Özgür Ünal – Eriş, Jean Monnet Chair, Istanbul 29 Mayıs University

This event was a webinar with Dr. Alexandra Hennessy and Prof. Robert Johns from Department of Government, University of Essex. Speakers talked about the meaning of Brexit in detail and evaluate its outcome in terms of populism in Europe (mostly in Poland and Hungary case), conservative authoritarian – liberal nexus and Euroscepticism in the UK. They also evaluated how Brexit would continue to be influential on the EU’s strogness, and the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland feelings, its difficulties on borders and trade as well. In terms of Brexit, they pointed out the UK’s historical legacy, their belief of being global key player in the world, and its likely effects on voters.